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Canopy Umbrella
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Canvas Umbrella
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Collection Umbrella

Welcome to My Umbrella Pte Ltd

My Umbrella Pte Ltd one of the leading umbrella manufactures in Malaysia and China with over 20 years of experiences in the manufacture and export of quality umbrellas. Serving in the manufacturing of various designs of umbrellas in the industry, we have produced more than 10000 umbrellas for our clients’ selection. Our company is based in Malaysia and we deliver our committed service to our clients through quality customer service and efficient distribution network. Through our prompt service, we ensure to serve our clients more effectively both locally and internationally.

Our Product
  • Multi-function Mobile Wireless Charging Notebook
    Code : PG54
  • Electronic Portable Scale
    Code : PG52
  • Laptop Sleeve Bag
    Code : PG50
  • 30 inch Golf Umbrella
    Code : HUSL0021
  • Square Umbrella
    Code : SU007
  • Ceramic Mug
    Code : M001
  • Flag
    Code : F001
  • Umbrella Inverted
    Code : UI001
    Code : PG011
  • Parasol Printing
    Code : SPS010