Reusable Glass Straw Set

Reusable Glass Straw Set

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3-in-1 Reusable Glass Straw Set has user-friendly design, easy to clean, and environmental friendly. It is made of glass material with high temperature resistance suitable for kitchen, restaurants, bar, and etc. The cleaning brush gives you the best convenience to cleane after use.

Product: Reusable Glass Straw Set

Material: High Silica Glass

Color: Transparent

Packing: each in a PVC Box

Printing: Silk-screen (on packaging only)

Product Dimension:- 1 pc PVC Box: 272mm(L) * 70mm(W) * 25mm(D)
                                - 1 pc Straight Straw: 8mm * 220mm * 2.0(Thickness)
                                - 1 pc Straight Straw: 15mm * 220mm * 1.5(Thickness)
                                - 1 pc Brush: 190mm

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